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Automatic Wifi Cat/Dog Feeder

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  • Customize Feeding Time and Portion Control: This cat feeder provide flexible feeding schedule and portion size for each automatic feeding, allowing you to establish regular eating routines throughout the day without any stress;
  • Camera and APP Control: Free download Smart Feeder software compatible with Androids and IOS,you can control your pet’s daily feeding times anytime, anywhere,and you can observe your pet on your smart phone while you are away; Also the feeder compatible with Alexa;
  • Voice Record and 6 Meal Feeding: You can set the exact amount of grams to be fed on the app, 6 times daily,and you can add a recorded personalized voice message to play when it dispenses their meals. Recording 3 times in a row while dispensing the food, making sure they don't miss a meal;
  • Two Ways for Power Supply: This dog feeder can be powered by batteries or cord,you can plug it directly and add D cell battery(Not Included) on the feeder to supply power,in case any of power cut off letting your cats or dogs hungry;
  • Promptly Customer Service:If you have any quality problems within one year,please email us,our customer service will solve it within 24h.

1.When an automatic feeder is required:
(1) When the owner is traveling or business trip (short term);
(2)Obesity-prone cat/dog(control the feeding amount and time);
(3)In the case of a cat who came to wake you up at night and came to wake you up early in the morning (late night) for feeding;
(4)In case of owner with many overtime;

2.Why the recording sound is low when playing?
The pet could hear the lower sound than we could, so the sound is low when playing, which will not annoy you or your family.
3.Why the lid of the feeder is not transparent?
If the lid is transparent, for some pets, they would find their way to get the food, even destroy the feeder if their eating habits weren’t cultivated.
Input: AC 100 to 240 v
Output: 5 V/ 0.2 a
Capacity: 3L;portion control: 1-39 portion control;
Voice record: 10 second
Power supply: batteries or adapter;
Programmable: Feeding your pet at scheduled times and keeping your pet healthy;
Package: 1*Manual
1*USB Cable

(1)Please use a clean, damp washcloth to clean, and dry it with a dry towel, don’t use water;
(2)Please keep the main board in dry condition, and prevent the pet chewed the power cord, because it maybe cause the machine randomly drops many portions of food at non Feeding times;
(3)Please note don’t put too much in the machine to avoid it stuck or not dispense, you can put 1/2 to 2/3 height of the hopper if you won’t leave too long;
(4)We suggest to put batteries inside the feeder as well when you are away to avoid anything unexpected happen to the electricity cut or another.

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